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Film: Singin’ In the Rain, 1952

500 words, double spaced, need a reference page
Write a minimum 500-word response that critically reflects on one of the last two weeks’ films and readings, relating the film to the reading and specifically discussing the historical significance of the film. Your response should demonstrate your understanding of the reading/s and the film. Do not simply summarize the film. Rather, discuss how that film has contributed to the aesthetic and/or technical innovations in film history. Also, consider how each film reflects and influences its socio-political context. You must use proper citations for all sources in your response. Below are some questions to serve as generic prompts for reflection. You do not have to address all of these questions in your response.
-What are the central arguments made by the films and/or the texts and how do they relate to each other?
-What social, cultural, political, or historical issues are brought into focus in the films and how?
-What themes emerge from the films or texts and how do they relate to the historical context?
-Describe the aesthetics of the film and discuss how they contribute to the development of film language.
-What role does this film play in the history of film in terms of its aesthetic, technological, and or socio-political contributions?
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