watching the film and answer the questions

For this week’s assignment, please watch the 2001 documentary, Coolies, Sailors, Settlers. (I recommend that you watch the documentary during scheduled class time). The film explores how people from the Philippines, China and India first arrived on the shores of North and South America, their survival amid harsh conditions, re-migrations and settlement in the Americas.
Here is the link to the film:
You will submit a 1-2 page response to the film. In your response you must answer the following questions:
After reading the articles by Shukla and Vertovec, how would you describe the linkages between the Chinese diaspora and the South Asian Diaspora? How do they intersect?
How does Vetovec discuss the hybridity and syncretism of South Asian Diaspora? How are these themes addressed in the film?
What was your perception and perspective of the Asian diaspora before watching this documentary and reading the articles by Shukla and Vertovec? What have you learned that shifted your perspective?
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