What segment is easier to market to

1.2. What segment is easier to market to: the business traveler, or the pleasure traveler?Consider the market segment college students on spring break. Develop the perfectvacation package, describe it in detail, and price the package realistically.3.Consider the market segment of the "mature traveler" for a long weekend vacationwith their spouse/significant other. Develop the perfect package, describe it in detail, andprice the package accordingly. 4. I would like to keep this week’s current event open ended. Staying in line with this week’s subject matter I would like you to research an article that ties back into the hospitality market segmentation trends. What segments are gaining ground in our industry that marketers need to pay more attention to? Substantiate your claim by answering why is this the case, based on your researched article? Provide us the link of the source, site your reference and summarize your article findings in this week’s current event. Try not to repeat the articles. There are plenty out there to choose from.

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