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CFD 272 PROGRAM ANALYSIS- The book is :Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization and Support
Berns, Roberta M.
The goal of this assignment is to become acquainted with the process by which agencies and programs in the field of child and family development can be analyzed and assessed in terms of effectiveness.
Studying other studentâ€s papers will expose the student to a wide variety of agencies and programs that affect children in families in San Diego County and the nation in a wide variety of ways.
The body of your paper should be broken into sections with headings following the heading wording found in the directions below.Each element of the directions for each section should be addressed even if no data was found answering that question.Whenever you are shy of content due to unavailability of data, you must make up for that by using more text references which apply to the work done by the agency or program.
Here is the way your paper should be set up:
Cover Page—See the APA Checklist at our Assignments link for guidelines.
Abstract—See below for the directions about how to set this unique Abstract up.
Part I—Program Description
Sections 1-8
Part II—Program Analysis
Sections 1-4
Part III—Ties to course concepts.
Narrative with a minimum of 15 in-text citations to our textbook
References page

Abstract—There is a special Abstract template below for you to use as Page 2.Copy and paste it into your paper as Page 2.If you have any trouble doing that, email me.
These will also be emailed to me as a one-page Word document that I can use to create a class study list with every studentâ€s program summary in a consistent format.
Our last two weeks†class work will involve reading other students†findings.

272 Agency Analysis Abstract

Agency Name

Cal Fresh Food Assistance-Food Stamps


5001 73rd Street

San Diego, CA 92115

Phone Number:


Funding Sources:

Federal Government

Target Audience:

Low income families




Services: Cal Fresh is also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that provides funds to allow families and individuals to buy healthy groceries. Services are supplied through an EBT card.

Submitted by:

Student name:

Part 1:Program Description
In this section you will describe the program including as much detail as you can from the information you are able to gain about it.To locate information, you can start with their website, their brochures, their annual report, etc., but attempt to get more detail and an experiential element if you can by doing one or more of the following:
Call and speak to a representative such as a receptionist, staff member, board member, administrative officer, or a recipient of their services.Another way to gain information in person is to visit a site, attend a volunteer orientation, training, or other event.

Give the full name, location/s, website and phone number of the agency/program and explain what services they provide. Often agencies and programs serve children and families through many sub-programs in their larger agency.If yours has many services, give a broad description of all of them, but chose one particular segment to focus on in this assignment.
Describe the stated Mission, Vision, Values and Goals of the agency/program.If they are not clearly spelled out, give your thoughts about what they might be.
Describe the leadership of the program, whether they have a Board of Directors, and what they do if they have one.
Describe the type of staff the agency employs and any volunteer opportunities.
Describe their target audience.
Draw comparisons to other similar programs.Are there other programs like them locally, nationally?

Describe the method of funding for this agency/program:Is it from client fees, government funds, donations, etc.?Is it a for-profit, non-profit 501 (c) (3) or government entity?

Describe any reports, community outreach meetings, newsletters, media, etc. that you were able to access.Did they include any client stories? If so, summarize them.

Part 2:Agency/Program Analysis
Based upon what you were able to learn about this agency/program, do you feel it is meeting its stated goals in the following ways?:

How do you think they are impacting the lives of children and families in San Diego County (or the nation)?
How well do you think they are reaching their target audience with their services?
What barriers to their services might children and families encounter?
How good do they seem to be at offering culturally effective services?Explain?

Part 3:Ties to course concepts
Using a minimum of 15 specific references to the Berns text, tie the information you found out about this agency to many of the chapters.Be sure to include Bronfenbrennerâ€s Bioecological Systems as you do so.
Use the text and any agency websites, publications, media, etc.You do not need to locate outside sources beyond your agency sources.
This will be used to show you your point assignments in the feedback done at the Turnitin site.It lets you see the relative importance of the various parts.
Use it to proofread your paper to make sure you have included all of the elements.
It does not need to be included in your paper.




Your points


APA guidelines followed, clarity, thoroughness, length 10 pages total, Abstract format followed


PART 1–Description

All 8 elements covered thoroughly


PART 2–Analysis

All 4 elements covered thoroughly with
well documented backup for opinions


PART 3–Ties to course concepts

Minimum 15 references to text, substantial references showing knowledge of concept




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