Write a They Say section for each of the two candidates

Write a polished 3 page essay that is essentially a conversation about the first 2016 presidential debate. Make sure your essay adheres to MLA formatting and class requirements. You are required to have outside research (the debate will be cited, at the very minimum). Include a works cited page with the source and edit your essay before the due date. Consult the following format for a suggested order.Step 1: Write a They Say section for each of the two candidates. This can be a series of paragraphs that summarize the core of the debater’s argument. You will need to include specific reasons given in the source that support that side. Make sure you’re citing the source.Step 2: Then, you will write an I Say section in response to the argument summarized in the They Say section. You must include at least three specific reasons that support your argument in your section. You should also include experiences from your life that go along with these ideas. Relax and use your own language with this paper. Each section must be well-developed and start with a topic sentence, but I want to see your voice come through on this.Step 3: Consider how you want these to fit together. Should you alternate? Have one come entirely before the other? You could work it into a narrative or a scene. What works best for your argument?Step 4: You will also need to create a Works Cited page for your source. Follow standard formatting rules for this paper and the Works Cited page: Times New Roman, size 12 font, double spaced, 1 inch margins, MLA heading, MLA header. Google the OWL at Purdue website for more details.

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