Writing a Persuasive Claim-Azaleas you are Vera Malcolm,

Writing a Persuasive Claim-Azaleas you are Vera Malcolm, the facilities
manager for public service company of Arkansas. In preparation for the recent dedication of your new hydroelectric plant, you spruced up the grounds near the viewing stand. as part of the stage decorations, you ordered ten potted azaleas at $ 27.50 each (plus $10.50 shipping) from Jackson & Perkins Nurseries ( 1 Rose Lane, Medford, OR 97501) on February 3. The Bushes were guaranteed to arrive in show condition-ready to burst into bloom within three days-or your money would be cheerfully refunded.
the plants arrived in healthy condition but were in their final days(perhaps hours) of flowering-certainly in no shape to display at the dedication. you decided, instead, to plant the azaleas as part of your permanent landscaping. because the plants arrived only three days before the dedication, you had to purchase substitute azaleas from the local florist-at a much higher price.
in fact, you ended up paying $436 for the florist plants-$150.50 more than the jackson & Perkins price. you eel that the nursery was responsible for your having to incur the additional expense. write a letter asking jackson & Perkins to reimburse your company for the $150.50
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