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CFD 272 Current Event Assignments #1
The goal of this assignment to have you look at a current event description in the general media and apply information from the course to that information. It could have to do with an individual child or adult, a family, an agency, a policy—the choice is yours, and your choice will be part of the points given to the submission.

First you will peruse several media sites such as newspapers, news magazines, or television news websites.

Choose an article that you feel reflects some of the concepts covered in class up to your current chapter readings. It needs to be a substantial article, not just a few lines or sound bites.

Next, find at least three separate concepts from class, define them, and then apply them to interpret the material in the current event you summarized in the first section.

Your paper must be in APA format. Use the APA Checklist to develop your paper. Be sure to include the cover sheet, abstract, body with headings, and the reference page. Cite the media source and the text as your only entries on that page.

The paper length separate from the cover page, abstract, and the reference page needs to be a minimum of two full pages of text. (Remember meeting the minimum does not guarantee full points.)

This assignment is worth 10 points.

The two assignments need to be different current event topics and use different concepts from class.

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