1500 words university level music history album review mla style

Album Review 1: Due May 29th
Choose one of the albums listed below and write an album review. The review consists of three parts:
Part 1: Do research into the Album. Who is the artist? What is the name of the album? What year was the album recorded? What record label? Who was the producer? Who are the musicians i.e. personnel? Provide a track listing of the songs. Mention any chart position information [#1 Billboard etc.], you can restrict this information to the USA, UK and Canada where applicable. Having completed Assignment 1 & 2, this info should be easy to find. You can cite your source in the bibliography, not in-text. This part should be submitted in point form:
Artist: Tim Crofts
Album: The Lost Years
Year: 1981
Label: Panda Records
Producer: Phil Spector
Musicians: Tim Crofts [synth, vocals]
Joey George [drums]
Track Listing: 1. Do Your Homework
2. Read the Instructions
3. No Seriously
4. I Mean It
Chart Positions: #1 in the UK
Part 2: Do some research. Write a short passage outlining the importance of this album in the career of the artist/band, and its success commercially and/or influence on future artists. Also note anything characteristic about the albums sound or production method. This should be SINGLE SPACED. Part 1 and Part 2 should take up one page SINGLE SPACED.
Part 3: LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE ALBUM. Write a reflection on the album based on the research you have done. Did the album meet expectations? Why or why not? Why is this music appealing? Consider what we have discussed in class. Did one or more tracks make a stronger impression? Which ones and why? This is an informed opinion. Iâ€m not just interested in whether you like something. Use your research and what we have discussed in class and then form an opinion. Part 3 should be one page SINGLE SPACED. In total, the album review assignment should be at least two pages.
Albums: Find them yourselves using Spotify, Youtube, or Apple Music.
Metallica- Justice for all
Culture Club- Colour by Numbers
Whitney Houston- Whitney Houston
Living Colour- Vivid
Dead Kennedys- Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
Bryan Adams- Cuts Like a Knife
Kate Bush- Hounds of Love
Salt â€n†Pepa- Hot, Cool and Vicious
LL cool J- Bigger and Deffer
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