2 3 pages research paper instructions below

• Research Paper: You can pick any research article from any field of psychology that pertain to adolescents and emerging adults and summarize that article. The Article chosen must be from the year 2010 and after. In your paper you need to address: what was the purpose of that article or study, what did they do (methodology), what were their result/findings, and how was this particular article related to our class. This paper should be 2-3 pages (excluding cover page and reference page), use 12 point Times New Roman, 1” margin all around with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. The paper must be in APA format including cover page and reference page (for this paper you donâ€t need an abstract page). When turning in the assignment, include the first page of the actual article to the assignment. You can turn in the assignment via the turnitin link provided on Canvas (check course calendar for due date information).
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