500 words essay 044

You have one hour and a half to write one essay of at least 400 words in response to one of the following questions. Read the questions carefully and brainstorm ideas before you begin to write. Be sure to leave time to edit and proofread. Remember that the essay will be graded on these categories: clear thesis and supporting facts and quotations, organization, and the mechanics of words and sentences. You may use paper copies of articles and stories for references in order to include at least three quotations from different readings, specific details, and examples from the texts. You may add references to any of the three movies you saw in class.
Your introduction should state your thesis clearly, and each body paragraph should elaborate on and support that thesis using at least three references/ quotations. YOU MAY USE MOVIES BUT YOU MUST QUOTE FROM AT LEAST ONE READING. Proofread for readability. — Is there subject/verb agreement? Have you avoided fragments and/or run-ons?
Select one topic out of the following two.
1.When are the needs of society more important than those of an individual? Which is more important and why?
2.Are people basically good? If you believe they are, why do they sometimes commit cruel actions?
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