A fixed-price contract is useful and appropriate when …Select one:a

. A fixed-price contract is useful and appropriate when …Select one:a. A Request for Proposal is being used
b. The outcome of the project is uncertain, involving for example research and development
c. Contract negotiations are contentious
d. The organization conducting the procurement knows what product or service it wants or what specific outcome it expects
2. After the Request for Proposal has been released and advertised it is customary and useful to …
Select one:
a. Provide sufficient time for vendor to submit proposals
b. Proceed quickly to evaluating and scoring the proposals
c. Conduct an exhaustive legal analysis
d. Receive and respond to questions from interested vendors
3. In the Request for Proposal process who evaluates and scores vendor proposals?
Select one:
a. Project sponsor
b. Evaluation committee
c. Legal advisor
d. Contract negotiator
4. In the Request for Proposal process, after vendor proposals have been received, an optional activity requiring vendors to “sharpen their pencils” to improve their proposals is the …
Select one:
a. Best and Final Offer
b. Statement of Work
c. Terms and conditions
d. Information proposal
5. Sole source and emergency procurements should include which of the following?
Select one:
a. The involvement of an experienced negotiator
b. A written justification and executive approval
c. Public advertising and electronic payments
d. Pricing alternatives and criminal background checks
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