accounting case study 22

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Subject of the paper: Case Study
Requirement: A case study is an account of an activity, event, or problem that contains a real or hypothetical situation and includes the complexities you would encounter in the workplace. Case studies require students to evaluate an ambiguous, complex business case, perform research, and apply Managerial Accounting knowledge to develop a solution or a series of solutions to an open-ended problem or opportunity with potential multiple solutions. Case studies and due dates are identified on the Course Schedule. Each case will have its own requirements and questions to answer, however a well-presented case study should, in general, include the following sections:
Problem and solution Executive summary Brief history Industry analysis Company analysis Alternatives Implementation
Nipponply: Analyzing the Feasibility of Geographical Expansion Learning Objectives: 1. Use CVP analysis as a tool to decide the quantity of products required for a break-even point. 2. Evaluate the feasibility of a project idea. 3. Determine the minimum capacity utilization to reach break-even.
4. Determine the impact of capacity utilization on return on equity and return on investment. 5. Determine the level of capacity utilization needed to obtain the desired level of income. Assignment Questions: 1. Determine the fixed cost of Nipponply for a period of one year. 2. Find the break-even point. 3. Can Nipponply achieve the break-even point with a 65% level of capacity utilization? Why or why not? Use evidence to support your conclusions. 4. How many units need to be sold to earn a target income of ₹ 3 million per year (in Indian Rupees). 5. How does the volume affect the return on equity and return on investment? 6. Nipponply is planning to use the capacity at a level of 85% and 100% in years two and three, respectively. How does this decision affect the return on investment and return on equity? 7. What advice can be given to Thakkar on his project idea? Be sure that significant thought (broad but deep) is applied to your responses. Recommended page length for this section is 2 pages. The written case study response is to be presented in a Word document, double-spaced, using Times New Roman, 12-font. A title page must be included (student name, course number and name, project title, and professor name). All computations and solutions must be provided. Credit will not be earned if only solutions are presented. Do NOT work together on this project. This is an individual assessment of your CVP competencies.
Other information: Include every step of your calculus to point out how you reached the result. The essay should be around 9 pages,double spaced and should contain both the solving and also the analysis of the results. Read the request file for all the infos.


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