amst final paper

For your final exam you will write an essay that asks you to consider all that weâ€ve covered throughout the course, as well as the role of popular culture in the United States. Be sure to address all parts of the prompt. Your essay should contain a well-developed introduction which explains and defines popular culture. Your work should ONLY include course materials (readings, articles, media, films, etc.) that were used and/or discussed in the class; do not use outside material or sources.
Essay requirements:
1. The essay must be double-spaced, no less than 750 words and no more than 900 words.
2. Again, you should not use any materials that weâ€ve not covered in the course.
3. If you do not properly cite your work you will receive a ZERO for the assignment. Be sure to remember that even when paraphrasing information from the readings you should cite your sources. You may use Chicago or MLA to cite your work. You do not need a Works Cited/Bibliography page.
4. Your take-home essay question must be submitted to on Blackboard before midnight on Friday, May 10th. Failure to submit the essay to by this time will result in no credit for the exam. Do not wait until the last minute to attempt to submit your essay. There will be no exceptions or extensions.
5. Plagiarism, either reported by or discovered by the professor, will result in no credit for the essay question and a formal charge of academic dishonesty filed with the Dean of Students.
Essay Prompt: Popular Culture as Entertainment?
Some people claim that they are unaffected by the messages found in popular culture. Select any THREE case studies discussed in the course this semester and reflect on the role of popular culture in the United States. ( Material from Week 1 may not be used as one of your 3 case studies.) Your essay should either defend or question/refute the notion that popular culture is “merely entertainment.” You must refer to course materials and class discussions to strongly support the position you are taking in your essay. Your introduction should include: a definition of popular culture from the materials in Week 1 (and explain which scholar you’re borrowing from) AND an explanation as to whether or not popular culture is something that is important to study. (Regardless of which side you fall on, you must work hard to develop a strongly backed up and convincing essay). Your essay should also have a strong thesis that helps to set up your paper, along with the case studies youâ€ll be addressing as examples for your stance. Remember, just like in anything you write, you must cite all of your work, and your argument must be well developed.
*Do not re-use any of the writing you have done for the discussion board posts.*
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