answer a discussion post and write 2 responses to peers

1st — For the discussion post (I attached the essay, answer those questions according the essay):
Describe the situation (raw material–what you’re actually exploring) and story (the larger significance you’ll draw) of your Investigation essay. Describe a possible personal experiment, and link to at least one source that you’re thinking of using.
Consider discussing any of the following elements:
– what you’ll render in scenic writing
– your examples of ethos, pathos, and logos
– a multimodal element
– a list of driving questions (and answers, if you want)
2nd — responses to peers (the 2 pics I attached are my peers’ discussion post)
When responding to the posts of two peers, think of all the specific stuff you can discuss! Can you suggest a different kind of argumentation (ethos, pathos, logos)? Can you find another picture/photo/video that intrigues you about their subject and post it or a link to them? Can you help them clarify the bounds of their experiment, or suggest a new one that comes to mind? Another driving question after the ones they’ve listed? Or anything else that comes to mind from the prompt?
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