Answer those questions

Answer those questions,
1.  How does climate differ from the weather?
2. In what ways does climate science differ from traditional sciences such as chemistry and biology?
3.  How does climate forcing differ from climate response?
4.  In the example in which the Bunsen burner is lit and the beaker of water at first warms quickly and then more slowly, how does the response time of the water vary through time?
5. The climate system consists of many components with different response times.  What is the total range of time scales over which these responses vary?
6.  Do positive feedbacks always make the climate warmer?
1.  How does solar radiation arriving on Earth differ from the back radiation emitted back out to space by the Earth?
2. What kind of radiation is trapped by greenhouse gases?
3.  What differing and opposing roles do clouds play in the climate system?
4.  How does reflection of solar radiation from Earth’s surface add to the effects of uneven solar heating in creating a pole-to-equator heat imbalance?
5.  What processes cause air to rise from Earth’s surface?
6.  What causes monsoon circulation to reverse from summer to winter?

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