anthropology writing paper 07

Total word count between 350-450.
Reading link:… (unhitching the Horse from the carriage)
Answer all parts of the following question: 
1A. According to the article “Unhitching the Horse from the Carriage,” the Mosuo people of Lake Lugu in China have been practicing a form of sexual union called tisese. Explain how the institution of tisese operates for Mosuo women, children, and family. How does biological paternity and sexuality work for the Mosuo women and men?
1B. How have the Chinese government and tourism transformed the Mosuo tisesesystem and family life?
1C. The tisese of the Mosuo and the boy-wife system of the Azande that we studied several weeks ago are both unique types of sexual unions. In a few sentences, describe two of the key differences between these two systems.
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