apply west consulting modular design proposal 1

Reference the West Consulting Network Design Summary and your completed Week One Individual Assignment titled, “West Consulting Customer Design Summary” when completing this task.
Create a Modular Design Proposal that includes the following:

A diagram of your proposed hierarchical enterprise network that illustrates the relationships between the access, distribution,and core layers using the implementation plan created in your Week One Individual Assignment titled, “West Consulting Customer Design Summary.”
A summary that details the following:
The Cisco®design principles and approach you will use to support this project and its diverse requirements
The steps the you will take to ensure the project plan and network design address West Consulting’s long-term strategic plans and goals
Areas of specific concern related to the nature of the graphics data (traffic types, bandwidth, etc.) and relevant industry best practices you will follow to incorporate in addressing these potential concerns
A summary of how your design meets modularity,resiliency, and scalability for future growth

Diagram your enterprise network design in Microsoft® Visio®.
Document the remainder of your Design Proposal as either a:

A 2-page Microsoft® Word document
An 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes

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