art reading journal 01

The purpose of the Reading Journal is to engage intellectually and personally with the topics presented in each assigned article/video. You will need to use your skills at critical thinking, analysis on both personal and broader levels, and drawing connections between specific delivered content and your own experiences/studies/thoughts/observations/impressions, etc. A reading journal is not your first impression about the text, nor a summary of its content. It is a layout of your experience reading the text and your personal reactions to and analysis of it. If you just summarize what the text was about or tell me what you liked or disliked you have given insufficient proof of your engagement with the content. So, do not only summarize what happened in the reading: tell me what happened inside of your head when you read the text. Importantly, you must be specific about what ideas or sections of the reading/video you are responding to. Though I donâ€t want a summary, I do want specific references to content in the reading so that I know you have actually read and engaged with it. Remember to always ground your analysis in relation to the actual content of the reading/video (ex: avoid long tangents that are unrelated).
Total two readings, each reading write at least 250 words. Total at least 500 words.
How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing for This Class:
PLEASE REMEMBER TO PROPERLY QUOTE AND ATTRIBUTE ANYONE ELSEâ€S WORDS IF YOU WISH TO REFER TO THEM THROUGH EITHER DIRECT QUOTES OR PARAPHRASE IN YOUR WRITING (more information about the consequences of plagiarism are below in the Academic Misconduct / Plagiarism Policy section).

if you are paraphrasing (summarizing in your own words) what someone else has said/written, please give their full name before doing so and make sure you have restated their ideas in your own words (Example: I was intrigued when Eureka Gilkey explained the meaning of “Social Sculpture” as the idea that a community’s activities together can be thought of as a way to sculpt society and that this can be considered an art form.)
if you are going to quote someone directly (represent their exact words in your writing) please give their full name before quoting them the first time, and thereafter you can refer to them by their last name or a parenthetical citation with their name. Make sure that ANY words that come directly from someone else’s writing or speech are encapsulated in quotations. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism (representing someone else’s ideas/words as your own) and is a serious academic misdemeanor. (Example: In her article about Project Row Houses titled “Commentary: Project Row Houses: Arts, Culture, and Collective Creative Action”, Eureka Gilkey describes Joseph Beuys’ idea of Social Sculpture as “the idea that art is about how individuals shape the world around them,” and went on to describe ways that PRH’s founders were applying these ideas to their community work in the 3rd Ward. This reminded me of…..)
Give the full title of the article or video if you are referring broadly to it’s content (as shown in the above example)
A Works Cited List or Bibliography is not needed for these assignments. It is sufficient that you name people properly and quote and paraphrase accurately in your own writing. You are very welcome to apply whatever citation system you are most familiar with, but again, it’s not a requirement.

Here is the basic layout you should follow when composing your RJ submissions:
Your Name
ART 111 – RJ #____
Entry 1: “Full Title of the Article or Video”, by Author’s Full Name(s)
Body of your written response to Entry 1
(Word Count)
Entry 2: “Full Title of the Article or Video”, by Author’s Full Name(s)
Body of your written response to Entry 2
(Word Count)
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