assessment 9 weight management

Assessment 9: Weight Management
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Remember your BMI calculator from last week? This time we want to use a few more and post your results as the example shows below.
First, use the calorie calculator here:
Link (Links to an external site.)
Now the body fat calculator:
Link (Links to an external site.)
Finally, the ideal weight calculator:
Link (Links to an external site.)
Calorie Calculator
The results show a number of daily calorie estimates that can be used as a guideline for how many calories to consume each day to maintain, lose, or gain weight at a chosen rate.

Maintain weight

2,859 100%

Mild weight loss
0.5 lb/week

2,609 91%

Weight loss
1 lb/week

2,359 83%

Extreme weight loss
2 lb/week

1,859 65%

Body Fat: 26.7%


Body Fat (U.S. Navy Method)

Body Fat Category

Body Fat Mass
63.0 lbs

Lean Body Mass
173.0 lbs

Ideal Body Fat for Given Age(Jackson & Pollard)

Body Fat to Lose to Reach Ideal
22.0 lbs

Body Fat (BMI method)

The ideal weight based on popular formulas:

Ideal Weight

Robinson (1983)
156.5 lbs

Miller (1983)
155.0 lbs

Devine (1974)
160.9 lbs

Hamwi (1964)
165.3 lbs

Healthy BMI Range
128.9 – 174.2 lbs

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