assignment 1 research proposal homelessness

Research proposal
In about 400-550 words, in paragraph form, include the following:
Part 1:
a) Description of your topic and what subtopics you would like to explore within it.
b) Three NEW research questions that you have developed and tried out since last week.
c) Three new discoveries about your topic that you found from researching your revised questions, that you did not know about last week.
d) Two obstacles you are facing or questions you have at this point either about the research process in general or your research in particular.
e) At this point, what is your basic thesis, i.e. your primary claim or position? (It is expected that this will evolve as your essay revolves.
Part 2:
a) Next, name two sources you have chosen to include in your research essay and write an MLA works cited entry for the sources
b) Next, go into some detail of how you evaluated the sources using the CAPOW format (currency, authority, purpose, objectivity, writing style) Why do you feel they pass the CAPOW test?
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