assignment 2610

What do you think it takes to be a qualitatively effective Disaster Mental Health responder?
1. What kinds of character traits and skills seem necessary? 2. What kinds of character traits and even skill sets might present barriers to being effective? 3. Now, consider if you were in this role. What traits or skills do you think you possess that would be helpful in it? Or, for what role do you see yourself better suited? Do you feel that there would be certain aspects of that role that might be especially challenging for you personally?
*Please put some effort into this, as it is actually one of two reflections for which you will be graded. This post will require more intensive consideration, effort, and even research. Please include references at the end. Do not post any answers as an attached document, but include the text directly in the thread.
Are you surprised by any of your classmates†reactions? Why or why not? Did someone raise a necessary skill or character trait that you hadn’t thought about for that role?
Please be sure to follow these guidelines for this discussion:

This post does not have to be any particular length or style, but it does need to respond to all of the prompts.
You must respond to at least three (3) classmates but you may respond to more if you feel inclined.
Please include any references at the end of this post.
Please do not post any responses as an attached document; include the text directly in the thread.

please use: Grammarly, avoid plagiarism, use American English language, and avoid passive voice.
My classmates are attached below.
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