Briefly explain the history of electric cars in this country. 

This documentary follows the creation of the EV1, an electric car built by General Motors, and the intervening politics with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) that led to its confiscations and demise. It’s a fascinating story of how volatile this arena can become.

 Please answer the following questions to complete this Lab 

1.    Briefly explain the history of electric cars in this country. 

2.    What was the motivation for General Motors to create the EVI in the first place? 

3.    What is the California Air and Resource Board (CARB)? Why did CARB become involved? What was their “stake” in this arena? 

4.    What happened with CARB and General Motors that resulted in the confiscations of purchased EV1s? 

5.    Expand this case study to something occurring in the news right now – find an example of the entanglement of politics and climate change and provide and synopsis of what is occurring. Connect common themes between your case study and the EVI-CARB case study. 

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