business continuity plan for communications systems

Please paraphrase the attached file to meet the requirements.

The BCP should describe the normal operation standards, practices, and procedures for operating systems, including critical systems. Develop standard operating procedures based on what the team identifies as the most critical to least critical to continue business operations. Included in the standard operating procedures and best security engineering practices should be operating system fundamentals, operating system security, management of patches, and operating system protections.
All partner nations at the summit have maintained that there will possibly be the use of an ad-hoc wireless network. The nations’ CISOs will have to determine differences between rogue access points and authorized service set identifiers (SSID) and authorized access points. These considerations will have to be included in the BCP.
Limit the scope to communications systems.
The BCP should be tailored to recover from a ransomware attack. Include leadership decision-making options for payouts, such as Bitcoin, which uses block-chain technology. Based on the recent outbreaks of ransomware attacks, identify key components of the given topology and describe how a ransomware incident would be contained or identified if an event occurred inside the given topology. What are the network security threats for a ransomware attack? Include these vectors as scenarios in the BCP and address remediation paths.
The BCP should also include an incident response plan, IR response flow for DDoS, malware, insider threats—in case of a need to execute the plan, documentation will be used for identified parties to follow to ensure proper communication channels and flow of information/triggers are understood so breakdown does not occur.

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