case study 1 2 kenworth motors mgmt 5325

Your Case Study should have the following 5 sections: Summary, Problem Identification, Recommendations, Response to Questions, and Personal Reflections. The first 3 sections are based on information within the study. The case study questions are included at the bottom of the case and the Reflections are your own thoughts on the case. Your case study should be 3-5 pages in length following APA 7th Edition Style and Formatting Rules and should fully address each of the 5 sections. Your case must include at least 2 Scholarly References (one may be the course text).

Once you have summarized the case, identified the problem(s), and devised your recommendations, answer the following questions:

In what ways were the discussions between the consultant and Denton effective or ineffective for the OD practitioner?
In this case, the OD consultant brings up the issue of trust with regard to retreat design. Why is this important and what impact will it have on retreat planning and implementation?

After answering these questions, be sure to wrap up your Case Study by sharing your Personal Reflections on what you learned from the case and any closing thoughts.
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