civil war essay 2

Must be 5-7 pages long !
Must be Itemized
Only sources that you are allowed to use for your exams are the course textbooks, suppl. readings : Shi, David E., America: A Narrative History, 11th Edition. W.W. Norton & Company

2. What were the sources of the Civil War?
Include and discuss the following point in addition to whatever else you see fit. You must ANALYZE every point you make, not just a reportage what happened (but WHY did it happen)
a. The birth of American colonies in two separate time and place and the two separate social and economic systems governing the North and the South since the beginning
b. Disappearance of the fear from Britain holding the two societies together following the War of 1812 (and the Battle of New Orleans in Jan. 1815)
c. Various Congressional compromises the hold the North and the South at peace
(list them and briefly discuss them)
d. Separation movements in the North and the South, from 1811 to 1861.
e. Birth of the Midwest/West and its role in the fracas.
f. Supreme Court decision in the Dred Scott case, dissolution of all the
Congressional Compromises. Verdict on the African-American place in the Union.
g. The impact of the Birth of the Republican Party and the election of Abraham Lincoln on the anxiety of the Southerners and their separation from the Union
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