code of ehtics and mobile health regulations discussion board assignment

Week 2 Discussion: Allied Health Disciplines Code of Ethics
The number and types of ethical challenges present in the workplace, particularly relating to supervision and health information management, require health information professional to reach decisions that are ethically sound.
Review the code of ethics of AHIMA, AAPC and AAMA and discuss the similarities and differences in the code of ethics of these allied health disciplines.Discuss the reasons why it is important for health information professionals to abide by the AHIMA code of ethics and the implications for a healthcare organization would be if the HIM professional did not abide by this code.

To discuss reasons for abiding by a code of ethics.
To discuss what happens when a code of ethics is not followed.

CLOs covered:

#1 Analyze legal concepts and principles to the practice of HIM
#4 Assess how cultural issues affect health, healthcare quality, cost and HIM 2) Mobile Health Regulations This discussion provides an opportunity to research the latest mobile health regulations and best practices and discuss steps in protecting the privacy and integrity in patient records. Review the article on “Managing Health Information in Mobile Devices” and research for information about mobile device regulations. (see Module 2 for document)

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