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Reflection encourages teachers to explore their own teaching which benefits the students and allows teachers to grow in their profession. Reflecting may lead to a natural process of self-evaluation that ultimately improves professional practice. Reflection as a reading/literacy specialist also leads to improved mentoring of other teachers.
Allocate at least 12.5 hours in the field to support this field experience. It is the discretion of the candidate to determine how to appropriately utilize the 12.5 practicum hours to balance assignment requirements working with both a mentor and a mentee. It could vary from one topic to another in order to complete all components of assignment expectations.
Present your “Literacy Work Sample Presentation” to your mentor and mentee. Ask both teachers for feedback regarding the quality of your presentation and discuss the following:

What was beneficial for you as the mentee through this process?
What did you learn from this process and is there anything you would change?
At least two additional questions for both the mentor and mentee.

Spend any remaining field experience hours providing literacy instruction and support.
Complete the last section of the LWS, “Experience Discussions and Reflection,” by writing a 250-500 word summary reflecting on the information you received from your mentor and mentee.
Address the following:

Describe what went well and what you would have done differently when applying literacy intervention with your mentor and assisting your mentee.
Explain how your mentor assisted you in providing literacy intervention to the small group and what additional assistance would improve your practice as a reading/literacy specialist.
Explain how you assisted your mentee in data-based instructional decision-making for meeting the needs of diverse students in their classroom.
Describe how you can apply intervention strategies, your mentoring experience, and the LWS presentation feedback to your future professional practice.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
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