complete short humanities activity snhu

Prompt: In the resources for this module, there are three sets of movie trailers. Review one set of the videos and respond to the following questions in one to two paragraphs for each question.

1. How do you think the new and old versions represent different aspects of their societies/times? What are the similarities and differences?
2. How does each version reflect the culture and time period in which it exists?
3. After considering the examples presented, think about the artifact that you chose for Project 1.

Thorâ€s Hammer (c 900 AD, Denmark)
The Nebra Sky Disk (c 1,600 BC, Germany)
The Trundholm Sun Chariot (c. 1700-500 BC, Denmark)

Pose one question regarding the relationship between human culture and expression in relation to your artifact. Explain one approach you may take to find the response to the question posed.
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