content analysis of state web site 2

You are required to prepare a (1000-1250 words) content analysis of a selected state’s promotional materials. Content analysis is a catch all term covering a variety of techniques for making inferences from “texts”. The texts can be fiction, nonfiction, recorded folk tales, newspaper editorials, songs, films, and in the case of this assignment state promotional materials. A paper copy or an online copy of the paper must be submitted on or before the due date.
Layout. The paper must include: (1) a description of the facts associated with the selected state, (2) listing and description of salient images portrayed on the cover of the primary guide, and (3) an overall evaluation of the quality and utility of the promotional materials.
Content. The description of facts must:

identify the state, identify the agency within the state responsible for publishing the materials (e.g., the Division of Travel of Tourism, Office of State Tourism, etc.),
provide a listing of the number separate pieces of promotional material included in the information packet (to include a brief description of each piece),
make a determination of whether or not the materials included:

a welcome letter from the Governor of the state,
did the state have a 1-800-number how long did it take you to reach the agency (i.e., was the number correct? did you talk to a person or a computer?) and
list the title of the primary travel guide (e.g., New Jersey Travel Guide, Michigan Travel Ideas, Arizona Traveler, etc.).
Next, the paper must include a listing and a one paragraph description of a minimum of five salient features, or “images,” portrayed on the cover of the primary travel guide (i.e., what is the state office of travel promotion trying to make prospective tourists think about the state?).

The paper must conclude with a three or four paragraph evaluation of the promotional materials. The evaluation should answer the following types of questions (be sure to incorporate examples drawn from the material and to fully explain your reasoning, rational and/or motivation):

Are parts, or all of the materials useful in making travel decisions?
Is something missing, do you lack any information necessary to make a travel decision?
Did the state travel materials motivate you to take an action regarding a visit to your selected state?
What actions did the promotional materials motivate? (e.g., visiting the state, seeking more information, planning a vacation, etc.).
What is your overall evaluation of promotional materials?

The paper must be well organized and submitted on or before due date as a on-line copy
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