contract analysis assignment 8

The contracts for both Parts 1 and 2 are in the Contracts Module. Part 1 consists of essays and will be submitted here as one submission.
Please proof read. Please try your best to send the essays to me for review well before you submit This pertains to your Part 1 essays.
See the grading rubric for scoring. Support your answers with law from your text (cases; statutes) and properly cite that law, including the page number.
Residential House Lease
The following questions are based on the Residential House Lease found in the Contracts Module. Please reference the Lease by clause number as you answer the question

Essays (1-2 complete paragraphs per question with text references to support your answers)1. Maria, the landlord, refuses to fix a small leak in the roof that results in mold forming in the premises. Juan, the tenant, still has significant time remaining on his lease. Juan has notified Maria in writing of the mold and leak issue. What are Juanâ€s options if Maria declines to do the repairs?
Shortly after moving in but with significant time remaining on the lease, Bill, the tenant, finds a much better apartment for the same price. Bill notifies Zuzanne, the Landlord, that he is moving out immediately and signs a new lease for the new apartment. What recourse does Zuzanne have against Bill?

UCC Sales Contract
The following questions are based on the Sales Contract found in the Contracts Module. Please reference the Sales Contract by clause number as you answer the questions.

Essays (1-2 complete paragraphs per essay with text references to support your answers)
You received non-conforming goods pursuant to this contract in that the goods received did not match the size ordered. However, an employee signed for the receipt of the goods over (90) days ago and the order of goods have just been sitting in a warehouse. What are your options as the Buyer pursuant to the contract?
You received non-conforming goods as a result of an ambiguity in the contract. You ordered goods thinking it was a particular product and the selling merchant shipped goods by that name thinking it was an entirely different product. Upon receipt of the goods, what are your merchant options under the contract?

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