covid 19 topic project problem section

we are doing a project with the topic about COVID-19. I am in charge of the problem section. Which means that I need to do some research about the problem of COVID-19, such as how it spreads and or its spread speed and so on. You can do some research on the CDC website. I need a draft and a final work for my problem part. The draft does not require words number, and the final work of my problem part about COVID-19 requires about 600 words.
Below are some of my partners’ works on our project for their parts.

COVID-19 is something that nobody saw coming. In the United States alone we have confirmed over 1 million cases of this terrible virus. (Cases in the U. S., 2020). To protect individuals and families from being seriously affected by this virus we must all take certain precautions. And the importance of these precautions must be shared and practiced. Social distancing, wearing protective gear and practicing good hygiene are essential measures that need to be taken in order to slow the speed of this illness. Especially to the close community of Miami University that is made up of students, staff and their loved ones. At a time when nothing is certain, Miami has a chance to provide live-saving knowledge to their community.
Because of the severity of the virus, it can be transmitted in different ways.
Implementation Plan
Ruth Orth is one of Miamiâ€s social media and communications specialists. She develops and oversees announcements of this nature, including the COVID-19 Campus Email Digest. She provided the basis for the implementation plan.
1. The first and most important step of issuing a public health related PSA is to verify that the information to be provided is up to the most recent standards set by the Center for Disease Control and state and local health departments via their websites [websites here]
2. All pertinent information will then be aggregated on the social media and communications cloud document. This information will then be prioritized based on how important it is to the populations being served. If necessary, time sensitive information can be issued in an advance announcement prior to the main announcement.
According to Orth, the University prioritizes public service announcement information based on the number of clicks similar issues have earned in previous issuances, the number of questions sent to the University about each topic, and the amount and quality of information that has been aggregated.
3. After the information is prioritized, the social media and communication team will consider each topic one by one and decide which topic would benefit from a graphical component. Depending on the settled topics, this might include visual step by step mask making instructions, or a graph showing viral transmission with and without a mask.
4. Orth advised that it is important that the messages are targeted and direct. Usually, Miami issues at least two different versions of public service announcements: one directed at students and another directed at staff and support employees.
5. After the composition of both versions of the public service announcement, the announcements will be issued to the public utilizing Emma, a mass email, marketing and automation tool.
6. Miami will then monitor the performance of the public service announcement by counting clicks, counting the number of times the email is opened, and evaluating the return questions that the announcement generates.
The only material cost associated with this project is the mass email service. According to Orth, Miami uses a service called Emma to issue mass emails. Orthâ€s distribution list for public service announcements includes 6,295 contacts. Emmaâ€s rate for Miami University is $0.005 per contact. This comes out to about $31.50 each time a mass email is issued.
In order to produce a high quality, informative public service announcement, Miami University will need to assign a team of employees to assemble the announcement. In addition to the writing time required, a University employee with graphic design experience will be required. A great deal of pertinent information with sources is included in this proposal, so the time required for research is drastically reduced.
In light of COVID-19 there have been a multitude of changes to our schedules and daily lives. To protect individuals and families from being seriously affected by this virus we must all take certain precautions. To protect Miamiâ€s community of staff, students and families we must better prepare them for COVID-19. By promoting practices or products that are utilized by experts and that are proven to work in defense of the virus.
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