creat a beat follow the introduction

Students will be challenged to learn a new digital tool! As always, some of the more industry standard tools are recommended if students can somehow gain access to them, but I understand that these programs can be expensive and do not require that level of commitment from students if they cannot gain access for free somehow.
Students will have to hand in an original piece of music that they made. This can be a traditional “song” or more like a “beat” (rap beat, lo-fi study beat, etc). While students are encouraged to be as creative as possible, students are not required to record any real life instrumentation. Of course, if you actually know how to play the piano, guitar, etc, and have access to the required equipment, please do record live music and then create the rest digitally. Students who do not have these abilities will not be judged as lacking.
Either way, students will have to submit a piece of music, minimum 3min long (max 8min, I donâ€t have unlimited time for marking), that exemplifies some kind of mood. As in, your song has to “sound like” joy, depression, anger, etc. You will have to write an artistâ€s statement, minimum 250 words, explaining how your song exemplifies this mood and what choices you made along the way to make sure the song felt the way you intended. Students will also have to prove the song is theirs by submitting progress screenshots of their DAW.
Therefore, students will have to hand in:
Your planning, preparation, etc. This could be in the form of jot-notes regarding your idea and how to accomplish it, songs you used for inspiration, research into musical keys/timbres and how they affect human psychology and/or what people tend to associate with each sound, etc.
An audio file (your song!), in .mp3 format to keep the files small (professionals prefer to keep things in .wav or .flac formats to preserve quality, but storage space for the school is limited)
Progress photos of your work, either computer screenshots or taken with your phone, that show you working in the program of your choice along the way. Minimum three progress photos, one of which must be a picture of what the DAW looks like when you have finished your song.
Your artistâ€s statement. Minimum 250 words on what your message is, why you made certain creative choices, etc.
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