critical essay review

For each workshop, I recommend that you review an essay that has not yet been reviewed or respond to the work of another writer that you have not reviewed in a previous workshop. Your responses to others†posts/drafts should respond to the specific questions/requests made. You are required to use the Peer Review Worksheet, completely fill it out, and post it as an attachment in your response post. Your response post is due by 11:59 PM CT on Friday.
So for this assignment, i need someone to review the draft essay that is attached and mark it up with any corrections that should be made. Then fill out the Peer Review Worksheet that is attached. Then answer the following two questions this person has asked:
What was some of the theme’s in “The Metamorphosis”?
Did my paper provide a clear understanding of the story?

Also, I attached the story The Metamorphosis just in case you need it
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