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In most cases organizations face crises but only a few of them are ever prepared for such crises. There are several components used to make a management plan for these crises more effective. Some of the components include a representative set of planning scenarios, flexible set response modules, and a matching plan for response modules to scenarios. A representative set of planning scenarios helps the organization to create a set of crises that guides the planning processes (Right-Time Experiences. 2014). The flexible set of response modules, on the other hand, helps the leaders to pull the combinations of responses out of the shelf. It provides the organization with the ability to handle the unexpected happenings. Finally, a matching response component acts as a link between all planning scenarios and the modules of response.
There are several methods used by an organization to ensure that shareholders take part in developing the management plan. The organization should use a designated chain of command and a good communication channel (Semeniuk, Tsyganov & Yazykov, 2015). The chain of command ensures that the response to crises is decentralized and the innovations are promoted in normal times. The good communication channel, on the other hand, would ensure that the relevant information concerning the plan reaches all shareholders of the organization (Right-Time Experiences. 2014). The media through the use of integral speakers, television screens also play an important role in the development of the plan. They are used as tools for making announcements and alerting the general public of any arising issues. The collaboration results for the group would be very encouraging. This is because there is a wide range of ideas for developing the plan. The discussion improves the efficiency of the final results. Generally, the best practice is the flexible response to the crisis (Semeniuk, Tsyganov & Yazykov, 2015). However, it is important to set response s that can be used in any situation of the organization to prevent crises strike from occurring.
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