csc 123 cc

Complete the following problems. Save all solutions in the same python (.py) file. Use comments to separate each answer.

i.e: # Solution to question 1)

1) Write a function that will ask the user to enter numbers until then enter the number -1. Each number the user enters should be added to a list. Return that list. Include an example function call (5 Points) 2) Given the following list (be sure to include this list in your source code): lst = [2.4, 3.7, 8, 1.2, 5] Write python code that will divide each element by 3 and display the result to the user Each element should be on a new line. (4 points) 3) Write a function calculates a monthly cell phone bill. Your function should accept two parameters. The first parameter is the number of talking minute used and the second is number of text messages sent. If the user uses more than 200 minutes, they get charged an overage fee of $5. Users are also charged a fee for the number of text messages sent. 100 or less messages results in $0.03 fee per text message. Otherwise it is $0.05. The flat service fee is $20 a month. Include an example function call (

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