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You are the senior network administrator for the fictional Can-D company, and you have recently been assigned a summer intern to mentor. One of the first concepts you will explain to your intern is the difference between bridging and switching.
Your assignment is to create a PowerPoint presentation of 9–11 content slides that will be used as a training presentation for your intern and future interns. You have been asked to cover the following key points:

Slide 1: Title slide
Slide 2: Definition and purpose of a bridge
Slide 3: A diagram of how a bridge works
Slide 4: A table of key facts that differentiate a bridge from a switch.
Slide 5: An example of situation where you would use a bridge instead of a switch. (Now switching to switches)
Slide 6: Definition and purpose of a switch
Slide 7: A diagram of a network interface card/network adapter works
Slide 8: A table of key facts that differentiate a switch from a bridge.
Slide 9: An example of situation where you would use a switch instead of a bridge.
Slide 10: Explanation about how the bridge and switch are utilized regarding layer 2 network segmentation.
Optional Slides 11–12: You may add up to 2 additional slides of content, illustrations, or tables to support your point.
Final slide: This should list the references from your research.
Details for the content on each slide must be provided in the Notes section.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.
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