discussion 2 what is meaningful work and should employers attempt to provide meaningful work

Do employers have obligation to attempt to make work more meaningful and purposeful? Consider this as you respond to these two questions:

First, what makes work meaningful? What can make the work we do meaningful and purposeful? What can make it meaningless? Discuss this and give some examples.
Second, given the fact that work can be either meaningful or meaningless, purposeful or purposeless, do employees have an obligation to attempt (not guarantee) to make more meaningful and purposeful and to avoid constructing work in a way that makes it meaningless? Provide a reason or argument for your view. (Note the question isn’t whether there should be a legal requirement to provide meaningful but is there a moral requirement or duty to do so.)

In your post, answer one of the two the questions above.
Be sure to (1) state which questions you’re answering and then (2) compose a thoughtful, considered response to the question, explaining your answer in a way that leaves the reader with a good understanding of your thinking.
After you have written your thoughtful response, (3) end your post with a question that you think would need to be answered in light of what you’ve written or by anyone else attempting to answer the question you’ve answered or any other question raised by issue. Doing this encourages the idea that there’s more that need to be said and thought about in your response, that your response cannot have covered everything and addressed every aspect of the question. And explain why you’re asking this question. A good question is one that would require a thoughtful, reflective paragraph-long responses and could not be answered in a word, phrase, or short sentence. So the question needs to be an open-ended question. It should not just repeat one of the questions above. Nor should it merely ask what the reader thinks of your response. Note that you are not answering your own question; rather you are explaining why you’re asking this question, why it’s an important question to be asked.
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