discussion post and reply to two student s discussions

Read the article QVC parent buying a rival
QVC and HSN (Home Shopping Network of St. Petersburg Florida) recently announced a merger. Once consummated, the combined company will become the third largest U.S. online and mobile retailer. The assumption is that this merger would allow the new network to better compete against Amazon. The article is a great place to launch your research but perform additional investigation to get a better handle on the situation.
Post a clear and logical response to the following, providing specific examples to support your answers.

What is the strategic advantage of this merger for QVC and HSN? In your opinion, can this expanded company compete with Amazon in terms of resources, reach, and scope? From a strategic perspective, what might you advise the CEO of the merged companies to do as a first-step in its efforts to compete with Amazon
Use article attached and online resources only
I will send you 2 students discussion post to reply to.

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