discussion sultan

This discussion post will require more time and energy investment. Plan accordingly. There is a rubric to this discussion. To get the full 20 points, check the Rubric.
Your post needs to be organized into three paragraphs. See below.
Your initial post needs to include the following:
PARAGRAPH ONE – 3 points
Based on the synchronous session held last Thursday (April 30th) with Dr. Joe Hatcher, share with the class your answers to the following questions:
(1) What was Dr. Hatcher’s view on aging? (1 pt)
(2) What was Dr. Hatcher’s experience working in Nursing Homes compared to Prisons?
(1 pt)
(3) Now share with the class two new takeaways or insights you learned from this synchronous session (1 pt)
PARAGRAPH 2 – 6 points
The questions you will need to answer in this paragraph to get full points include:
What is a humanistic psychologist and their views on human development? (2 pts)
Describe what Maslow meant by a self-actualizer. Would you consider yourself a “self-actualizer?” Why or why not? (2 pts)
How does romanticism, phenomenology, and Universals fit into Humanistic psychology (or not fit in) as described in the text. (2 pts)
PARAGRAPH 3 – 6 points
Finally, you need to complete watching and hearing the lecture before completing paragraph 3. Share with the class a reflection on what you learned from the lecture and how it relates to your own “transformation,” growth, change, and development.
To get full points in this paragraph you will need to:
1) Share with the class what your “simran” is (at least two examples) 2 pts
2) What does post traumatic growth (PTG) have to do with positive transformation? Remember, Dr. Hatcher even mentioned PTG last week. 2 pts
3) Describe the stages of transformation, weave in any theories and concepts we covered in this class (e.g. Jung’s archetypes) and share any personal examples of transformation to bring clarity to your own Phoenix Rising Process. 2 pts
Reply to at least TWO Classmates (Engagement) – 5 pointsYou need to answer any questions directed towards your post and reply to TWO other classmates. In other words, if you have classmates or myself asking you questions, you are expected to answer them. You also need to inquire or comment on TWO other classmates. This is the “discussion” component of the discussion.
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