do not own book please answer the 7 questions answer all these questions in full sentences 2

Book Discussion Questions Assignment: My Sisters Keeper
Directions: You have 7 questions to answer. Answer all these questions in full sentences, using quotes from the book. If you are using an electronic version of the book, your citations can link to the chapter number instead of the page number. You MUST use information from the book and include citations for each question. Answer the questions as fully as possible, Use quotes to support answers
Book title: My Sister’s Keeper
Author: Picoult
Publisher: Pocket
8. On page 142, Brian says that when rescuing someone from a fire, that “the safety of the rescuer is of a higher priority than the safety of the victim. Always.” How does this apply to his role in his own family? Give quotes from the book that show how this lesson of firefighting applies to his daughters†needs and lives. Is he able to always use this knowledge in his decision-making?
9. On page 149, Brian is talking to Julia about astronomy and says, “Dark matter has a gravitational effect on other objects. You can’t see it, you can’t feel it, but you can watch something being pulled in its direction.” How is this symbolic of Kate’s illness? Explain this using examples from a minimum of 4 other characters in the story in relation to Kate.
10. For what reason(s) did Brian offer Anna a place to stay at the firehouse while the legal proceedings were underway? Was this offer a good idea for Anna? Was this a good idea for Brian? For their family? How so or not? Should Brian have made that offer?
11. How does Anna’s decision to pursue medical emancipation parallel Campbell’s decision to end his relationship with Julia after his accident? Is there additional meaning to this in the story? Why did Kate ask Anna to sue for medical emancipation? Was Anna right to listen to her wishes? Lastly, when Anna seeks out medical emancipation is this a selfish or selfless act? Or was it something in between? Explain this. How does her action affect the members of her family? How do you view her?
12. Why does Jesse burn things? Is Jesse the opposite of his firefighter father or are they similar? In what ways? Do you agree with Brian’s decision not to turn Jesse in to the authorities for setting the fires? Why or why not? Does Jesse need help? Does he need punishment? Explain.
13. Do you feel that it’s ethical to conceive a child that meets specific genetic requirements in order to save another child in your family? Why or why not? Do you think the parents went too far in their concern for Kate by making Anna a savior for Kate? When is it too far to save one child by using the body of another? Is it acceptable to take umbilical cord blood? Hwo about taking bone marrow transplants? Is expecting a kidney donation ok? After Anna has spoken up in opposition to any further use of her body, how does her parents†response affect your viewpoint?
14. What is your reaction to the end of the story? Are you happy with how it ended? If not, what would have been a better or more satisfying ending?
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