due to current restrictions the congressional debate is reformatted to fit the following parameters

Due to current restrictions, the Congressional Debate is reformatted to fit the following parameters:
Select an issue of current debate regarding the relationship between COVID-19 and one of the five social institutions. You will be required to present both sides of the issue you pick, utilizing reputable sources to do so. You will then choose a side to defend, providing sound reasoning for why that side is most compelling.
You may choose to present your debate as either a two (2) page paper (APA format, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, and double spaced) or as a five (5) minute video. Students must submit their paper/video through Canvas for grading and university assessment.
Some example topics include:
1.) Should the U.S. Federal Government institute a nation-wide policy of social, economic, and health control measures to combat COVID- 19 or should individual States remain in charge of these measures?
2.) Chose two different countries and compare and contrast their policy responses to COVID-19. Which approach has proven more effective?
1.) Should economic relief packages pertaining to COVID-19 include or exclude undocumented immigrants?
2.) Examine the debates over the various economic relief packages being implemented around the world. This may involve comparing two nations’ stimulus plans or a critique of one nation’s plan.
1.) Is the switch to home-based schooling the best response to COVID-19? If not, what alternative action would be better?
2.) Should student loan repayments be suspended at this time?
1.) Examine the debates regarding the impact of nursing home and hospital regulations banning visitors.
2.) Examine the debates surrounding companies’ expectations of parents working from home while also caring for children.
1.) Should religious services be exempt or not from social distancing regulations?
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