earth 10 research and response

(About Antarctica)
Reading Assignment 2: Scientific Article Write-Up
Your second assignment is very similar to the first, but this time, your task is to find a peer-reviewed scientific journal article from a journal such as Nature or Lithosphere or International Journal of Climatology about Antarctica from within the last decade (from 2010 onwards!). Note that news articles are not acceptable this time.
You will then need to write a one-page, single-spaced (12 pt font) response to the article (>400 words). Your response must be submitted via gauchospace; please feel free to write your response in a word processor and then copy-paste it, but with a class of this size we cannot accept file submissions or google documents.
Your response must have the following to receive full credit:
1.You must address what the authors†research goals are.
2.You must also address what the authors†results are and whether those results are what the authors expected.
3. A link to the paper you are discussing.
Other than that, you are free to write about what you want. If you don’t understand everything about the article, don’t worry, but if you are completely lost you may want to consider either talking to me or choosing a different article.

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