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In a post of 300-350 words describe hospitality as it is related to external factors. In hospitality, why are the external environments more complex and dynamic today than ever before? Ensure you provide examples of external factors as to how they impact H&T on both a local and global level. Use reputable resources as possible (library resources, websites for credible publications, organizations, institutions, individuals, etc.). Review and reflect on:

Write a research post presenting a situational analysis of the Discussion Topic as provided in the weekly discussion area as assigned by utilizing APA academic resources to support your individual post.
Write a research post presenting a situational analysis of the Discussion Topic as provided in the weekly discussion area as assigned by utilizing the PESTEL theory and other APA resources to support your post.
Research your Assignment Discussion topic.. Use such resources as the Internet, online library/media center, and seek industry experts online information in the field. You must use at least three (3) different support resources in each discussion post on the particular topic areas for individual research grading. Consider the following:

Internet sources (to academic standards of related industry articles or trade articles)
Books, Popular periodicals (to academic standards)
Peer Reviewed Journals (GBC library online databases)
Newspapers (to academic standards)

Prepare a post of your written analysis. Include the following items.
1.List the question(s) that you are addressing.
2.Introduction: Introduce your topic or state your problem of the particular discussion post. Body of Post: Make sure your post includes- Comparison of a sample industry situation of similar nature.Factual and historical support information about the topic given (who were impacted, where was the problem of the topic area was generated from, why it occurred, how much did planning control the situation, how long did the particular topic problem or conceptual topic) in order to develop a discussion on the topic area for each particular analysis within the discussion post assignments.
3.Written Discussion: the topic problems/solutions in each topic for the discussion board area. Recommendations: future actions you would recommend and any additional questions that arose from your research, or suggested further research that is needed in the discussion topic area.
4.Conclusion: Conclude your post and summarize what you have found (individually). State conclusions you drew from what you learned through your DQ topic research by using your course theory and other supporting APA resources utilized.
Scoring Guide

Intro to the Global Hospitality and Tourism Industry – Discussion Post Research
Scoring Standards HOST 2135 Professor J. Gellatly
You must achieve a rating of at least “3” or “yes” on each item to demonstrate degree competence. Rating Scales
0-1 Learner did not meet requirement per scoring guide criteria and information is missing or incomplete
2 Learner did not meet requirement per scoring guide criteria as established in guidelines
3 Learner met most of the requirements; work is adequate but considerable support research is necessary
4 Learner met requirement; some additional research and revisions may be necessary
5 Learner exceeded requirement; work is of the highest quality, minimal revisions necessary
Self-Scoring Guide Criteria and Ratings for Student Planning of Discussion Post

HOST 2135 Discussion Post Criteria

Student Checklist

1. Research post of topic is directly relevant to the topic assigned – links to a news item and journal database articles that are relevant to the course DQ topic – minimum 350 words and up to 500 word post

2. Research post includes an introductory statement on topic that offers highlight points of discussion topic and good contribution ideas on the DQ topic area

3. Research post includes information that investigates level of topic analysis that provides an understanding of the comprehensive topic area with related PESTEL dimension offering supporting industry application of course content and research

4. Research post includes academic discussion of the topic with quality content, research, analysis and provides relevant APA resource materials

5. Research post includes recommendations to overcome the DQ topic area that discusses current events for industry and general hospitality dimensions to add to the online class discussion

Research discussion post is completed with supporting APA Standards

Research DQ post is submitted on time –class due: by the start of class time for the online classroom discussion post area in EST

Course application: individual supporting post – see class date assigned* date includes – research on lessons learned and applied to course topic and other resources to add to DQ class dimensions

5 4 3 2 1 0

Discussion Post- Course % Value* DQ post value is listed in HOST 2135 course outline – your DQ grade will be posted after all class submissions received within the course on time date submission

Value of Each DQ Post
/ 5 %

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