econ project 3

All requirements will be in one PDF file.

1.Select one country in the world you are interested in. It is okay to pick the U.S.
2.Choose 2 measures of globalization we have learnt in class and calculate those measuresfor the country of your interest. Clearly state your data sources and calculation methods.You can consult Slides 2 for ideas on the measures.
3.Draw a conclusion on how globalized this country has become based on the measuresduring the time period you have examined. Clearly state your rationales.
The following is a suggestion (not a mandatory format) on the presentation slides.
Slide 1: introduce the country of your interest
Slide 2: data source and calculation method on Measure 1
Slide 3: result of Measure 1
Slide 4: conclusion drawn from Measure 1
Slide 5: data source and calculation method on Measure 2
Slide 6: result of Measure 2
Slide 7: conclusion drawn from Measure 2
Slide 8: concluding remarks on the overall findings
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