elaborate my song description

1. Boys to men -end of the RoadIn this song end of the road it represents harmony because they are used their voices together to make one sound. I do think that this is a great example of harmony in an old school form.
2. Big time rush- count on youThis was a boy band group that was on TV that I remember seeing as a kid that is a great representative of harmony. This song came out in 2010 which is relatively more recent then some of these other songs.
3. 112- Only YouThis song did come out in the 90s. I do think of this song is a great example of harmony because of how all of their voices came together to make one actual sound.
4. 112-CupidThis song also came out in the 90s and was on the same album as 112 but they both are great examples of harmony. I do think that this man group did a great job at showing harmony throughout all of their songs.
Instruments-for my selection of instruments I chose to focus on Jazz
5. I can’t get started- Ziegfeild folliesThis song was released in the early 1900’s. I do think it’s that is a fantastic example of instruments because of the variety of instrument through the song.
6. Blue world – John ColtraneThis was an old school jazz song that does a great job at showings what a set of diverse instruments sound like then they are harmonized together.
7. 30 years- Betty CarterThis lady was a jazz artist from the early 1990’s and she did a great job at showing all the different instruments.
8. Speedball-Lee Morgan This song came out I’m the year 1968 and it was classified as jazz. This did a great job at showing instrument because of all the different instruments that were involved. With he was a head trumpet player throughout all his songs.
Melody9. Killer Queen-queenThis was a British rock song that came out in the year 1974. This song does does a good job of showing melody though a rock song.
10. Ray Charles- Georgia in my mindThis song was released in the year 1930 by hoary Carmichael. This song was later on re-recorded by Ray Charles in the year 1960.this does a great job at showing what a good melody sounds like.
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