english discussion analysis 1

Read websites on analysis essays. Write a paragraph (8-10 sentences) on your understanding of analysis essays. You must reference at least one of the sites provided within your paragraph.

Reply to the following two students
(Alexis)In order to successfully write an analysis essay, you need to think critically about the work you are reading. If you find you are unfamiliar with the work that has been written, it is okay to do some research to help you better understand the main points and views in the text. Your analysis can also be drawn off how you feel while reading the text. When you provide an explanation on how you feel about the reading, you should always use specific examples from the text. Doing so “will strengthen your discussion if you offer specific passagesfrom the text as evidence (Goshen.edu).” Try to focus on the main points and ideas the writer based their topic on. When you create your analysis, you should be able to summarize the text without giving too much away. The analysis you create should be your understanding of what you read based off of the facts the writer provided to you.
(Juliana)Analysis essays are written in a subjective manner so that the author can offer a new topic or further dive into a topic that the reader is trying to understand more fully. Analysis work is done in a way where the author takes an article or piece of work and takes from it the main ideas and highlighting the purpose of their essay which is increasing the readerâ€s knowledge (CRITICAL ANALYSIS). An important note to make is that when an author is writing an analysis essay they are expanding on the topic while maintaining the purpose throughout the entire essay and using text evidence to heighten the argument. To successfully write an analysis essay the author must have an organized work style writing and show how their article is effective for the topic (CRITICAL ANALYSIS). An author must keep in mind that although the reader might have knowledge on the topic, they should still include the background so that their essay flows properly going into the summary of the topic and ending with their evaluation of the topic (CRITICAL ANALYSIS). While those are the three main topics that must be met in order to have a successful essay there are still details that need to be noted through the text evidence throughout and ends with an appeal to a particular audience while avoiding controversy topics (CRITICAL ANALYSIS). Even with a successful essay it is important to know that while an author has their own opinion and standards the reader is entitled to their own as well (CRITICAL ANALYSIS). There is a lot that goes into an analysis essay for the author to keep in mind while maintaining a purpose and staying open minded to their readers.
CRITICAL ANALYSIS (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www2.southeastern.edu/Academics/Faculty/elejeune/critique.htm
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