essay 222

Crane 1
Epic Quest # 3 – Essay # 3– Florida Man – Research Paper
An Electronic copy of Epic Quest # 3 – Essay # 3 – Final Draft – must be
submitted to the plagiarism checker.
Students benefit from a minimum of 6-paragraph structure, but youâ€re
welcome to add more. A sample student essay will be provided on Canvas as
well as the grading rubric.
Format Requirements: 1,500 to 2,500 words, MLA format.
Writing Requirements: Must meet academic writing standards. Papers should
clearly state the significance of the topic, and be organized with adequate
Work Cited Page is required.
Essay Structure Requirements:
INTROUCTION PARAGRAPH: introduction paragraph with a hook, both
essay titles, the authors of both readings, publications the article appears in,
explanation of what is the authors†main claims are (what are their
arguments), explanation of the readings (a brief summary), and a clear thesis.
BODY PARAGRAPHS: Detailed supporting paragraphs started by topic
sentences, and an adequate concluding paragraph. Each supporting paragraph
must focus on only one aspect, trait, reason or point. Create detailed
illustrations so your reader can “see” whatâ€s going on. YOUR BODY
READING. You must explain the Rhetorical Strategy the Author is using
after you have incorporated the quote and how that strategy works on the
reader. You can use “I” statements (this is a personal essay).
CONCLUSION: Full conclusion that ties up your essay.
Purpose: to write an essay that analyzes the assigned text.
Audience: your classmates, instructors, and people unfamiliar with the topic.

Crane 2
Length: 1,500 to 2,500 words. THE WORK CITED PAGE DOES NOT
Purpose: to write an essay that analyzes the assigned text.
Audience: your classmates, instructors, and people unfamiliar with the topic.
Length: 5+ pages – any final papers less than five pages will be returned
as incomplete.
PROMPT: Is it okay to laugh at Florida Man? Why? Why not?
Explain your reasoning with your own research that supports your
You can research many different aspects of why it is okay or not
okay to laugh at Florida Man. You can research humor, comedy, what
makes us laugh, the role of the Internet, memes, mental health, law
enforcement, journalism, Florida, or whatever supports your argument.
You must include at least two articles that you have researched
that SUPPORT your argument, while the third article must contain a
counter argument that can be used against your position. Your counter
argument must have a rebuttal, where you explain that while the counter
argument may be a good argument, however it can be argued that….
For this essay you should present at least three clear topics or opinions
(each topic or opinion should be its own paragraph). Explain your answers and
support with examples from your articles. But only use one article per body
paragraph and one quote per body paragraph. The quotes you use should
support your position. You are expected to conduct ALL the research and
you are responsible for finding the materials. Please use personal opinions,
previous experience and observations to support your thesis. A Works Cited
page is required.

Counter Argument & Rebuttal
Whatâ€s a Counter Argument?
It is when you recognize the other side of the debate in order to strengthen your own argument. In other words, itâ€s the thesis making the OPPOSITE (aka: counter) point.
Whatâ€s a Rebuttal?
A rebuttal is an opposing argument or debate. An example of a rebuttal is a defense attorney responding to allegations made by a district attorney against their client.
Rebuttals in essays say why the counter argument is wrong (or not as right as your thesis).

Fill in the blanks below to brainstorm a counter-argument & rebuttal for your essay.
What is one reason people may disagree with you or may not want to make this change?

Now, use a sentence starter to make this into a counter-argument statement:

Finally, use a sentence starter to write a rebuttal to the counter-argument:

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