ethics social and legal boundaries 2

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide presentation with speaker notes using the resources on Reebok (Chapter 14) from the clow/baack blog.
Reebok (Chapter 14)
Answer the following questions:

Examine Reebok’s website. Access Reebok’s YouTube channel and hockey channel. Why do you think Reebok has two different channels? How well are the two channels integrated with the website? Provide specifics.
Watch the Shaq Attaq ad: Do you think it perpetuates stereotypes in advertising or is it good target marketing? Justify your answer.
Watch Race the City ad: What is your evaluation of the ad?
Watch the Skyscape Forever ad: Is it too sexual? Why or why not?
What are your thoughts about the video with Miranda Kerr unveiling the Skyscape Forever shoes?
Examine the three Facebook pages. What similarities and differences do you see? Why would Reebok have three different pages?
Examine Reebok’s two Instagram pages? What similarities and differences do you see? Why would Reebok have two different Instagram pages?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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