Explain what a borderland is and what a middle ground is and give an example of each. 

  1. Explain Herbert Butterfield’s three levels of historical understanding.
  2. Explain three reasons why 16th century Europeans were looking for new routes to Asia and began to traverse the Atlantic Ocean to America. (Don’t tell me they were looking for trade routes. We are looking more for why and how they were able to do this.
  3. Complete the Chart comparing the Spanish, French, and British colonization in North America:


  • Who was sent?
  • Why sent?
  • Attitude to the Indians
  • Attitude to work
  • Attitude to Slavery
  • Method of government
  1. Write the purpose(s) of each of these colonies: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia
  2. Explain what a borderland is and what a middle ground is and give an example of each. 
  3. From the map on page 68, write a detailed description of the Triangular Trade. (How does it illustrate the African slaves’ middle passage?) (Use the text on pp. 68-69 as an aid.)
  4. Write a description of the Seven Years War (or French and Indian War in America). How did it start? Why is it called a world war? Where did it end? What were the results in North America for the British? The French? Which British leader oversaw the War? (Use the book, the notes, and the map on page 91.)
  5. Define/identify these terms (Use complete sentences.):
  6. The Great Awakening
  7. The Enlightenment
  8. The Commonwealth (in 17th Century England)
  9. The Restoration
  10. The Great Migration (in the 1600’s)
  11. What was a Puritan? Describe three types of Puritans, based upon church polity (organization). (From notes.)
  12. List and explain the Five Truths that are Self-Evident from the Declaration of Independence. (book, p. 824)
  13. Describe the purpose of the British movements on the Hudson in 1778, why they did not work out, the battle that ultimately took place (name it), and the significance of its results. Why is it a turning point in the War for Independence? (book, notes)

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