extended essay 1

Extended Essay Guideline
The extended essay consists of one question. The question is worth 100 marks.
Question (100 marks)
After a train transporting oil has derailed causing environmental destruction along its route through a scenic natural area, a large oil company seeks to improve community relations and restore investor confidence. You have been hired to create a plan of action to restore stakeholders†trust and demonstrate corporate responsibility.
Please do the following:

✓ Describe your plan of action which you would present during a town hall meeting with members of the impacted community.
✓ Apply relevant course concepts and theories to justify your plan of action.
✓ Identify how your plan of action will be perceived from the perspective of different stakeholders.
✓ Critically reflect on the implications of your plan of action for the future of the oil company.
✓ Word limit: 1200 words. Formatting Requirements

MS Word format.
Font style: New Times Roman; Font size: 12.
Add page numbers.
Use headings.
Add a cover page: Please download from the OLE.
Add a references section: List all sources cited in your assignment (if applicable).
Plagiarism = fail.


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